Re: How do I stop my board from getting scuffed up and splintered on the sides?

BASIC ABRASION TEST: YouTube - Board Brite Protective Glow Strips Abrasion Test

Passed with flying colors. Watch the video in HD if you want by clicking the video and going to youtube

Below is the portion of the strip that was in the abrasion test, glows fine after heavy scratching. Pic below taken in 0 lux environment (no light). Iso was set at 1600 I believe, this is around how much it glows in pure darkness.
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Re: How do I stop my board from getting scuffed up and splintered on the sides?
Me and the EW crew skated a local hill, plenty of standups etc. I botched one around 15-20mph and kind of dragged the deck into the curb

The material ripped, but it stayed on the deck. The strips themselves are very easy to cut up so I think if any sharp object touches them at decent speed it just pierces through. I dont know about the whole second to diamond thing now...

On the plus side this stuff glows really sweet in the night, gonna get some pics of that in the Netherlands next week.

It was a bit wet and I was pushing full speed to get to a party when a car came out, deck just slipped out and I did a barrel roll with a glass bottle in my backpack... the deck hit a curb, not much of anything to show on the decks side

This stuff is good for low speed bumps etc. Basically a low level form of protection. Another thing I'd like to note is that it glows brightest the first 30 mins then lowers considerably, but still keeps glowing a bit for a few hours.

When the material gets scratched up it picks up dust/dirt so it doesnt glow as well, but I'm not too worried about it.

I put some on my helmet, when the strip is charged it looks hella cool at night.
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